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White Oak Financial Planning, Inc. is no longer
accepting new clients.

Here are two good resources for finding fee-only financial planners in your area: www.garrettplanningnetwork.com and www.napfa.org.


Personal Financial Coach and Consultant

As your financial coach and consultant, we help eliminate information overload and focus on what is important to you based on your values and goals. We want to increase your peace of mind by serving as a trusted, objective partner that will help you stay on track to reach your financial goals. We bring an unbiased perspective and provide a sounding board for your decision making

A Flexible Planning Approach

Your financial well-being is a lot like your health. Over time, both require examinations, monitoring and periodic checkups. This provides you the reassurance that your financial life is on track. Our process allows you to engage in the level of service that is right for you at that particular time.

  • No minimum investment value, net worth, or income requirements
  • No long term contracts
  • No requirement to turn over your assets for management
  • You have the ability to engage us on a one-time, as-needed, or ongoing regularly scheduled arrangement
  • You can choose to implement our recommendations on your own or with our help.

Fee-Only Compensation

As a Fee-Only financial planning firm, our compensation comes only from you, our client. We receive no commission, sales incentives, or referral fees to influence our recommendations, thereby eliminating conflicts of interest. Our fees are not dependent upon the value of your investment assets, net worth, or income. Fees are determined on a project basis and are based exclusively on the scope and complexity of the engagement. An estimated fee range is always provided prior to the start of any engagement.

Investment Selection

We focus our investment recommendations on ensuring that you will have a well diversified and balanced portfolio that is matched to your needs, values and best interest. We strive to offer straight forward asset allocation solutions that are easy for you to implement and manage while keeping your plan on track and your investment costs at a minimum. We want to help you to achieve your long-term goals through a well diversified, balanced portfolio, with regular checkups and disciplined rebalancing.

How We Can Help

820 E. Terra Cotta Ave., Suite 205  •  Crystal Lake, IL 60014

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